Hinda Herc Silberfeld and Majka Lamprecht founded TransAtlanticArt in January 2015. TransAtlanticArt is a Creative Talent Management Agency based in New York City and in Paris. They both have over 30 years of experience in the Fashion industry, editorial and commercial sides of the business. TransAtlanticArt also specializes in numerous independent curatorial projects working with international galleries and museum exhibitions.

Patrick James Michel is a French multi-faceted photographer and voyager. His work in fashion has led him to collaborate with magazines such as Vogue Hommes, GQ, Manner Vogue, Wad, Tank, Jalouse, Elle, Marie-Claire, Rolling Stone, Trace, Conde Nast Traveler, Brutus (Japan), Izvestia (Russia), British Journal of Photography. He has had several exhibitions in Europe of his personal work on the Five Elements: Paris Photo, Galerie 213 Paris, Festival of Naardeen (Netherland) and has been published by Steidl. His most recent work is on Vital Energy in Shamanism, Hindusim, and Buddhism and has been working with an 8x10 camera on wet plates on glass, and is also directing a documentary on the same project.

Bernard Rouffignac This native of Albi, France grew up around the racing circuit. Bernard has been working for 20 years as a correspondence photographer. Bernard returned to his photographic passion of car photography working for the most famous french car magazines. As he says: being a photographer is the best passport, the best way to get where you want and of course, by car.

Why B&P ?

It’s the result of a common friendship and photo productions for more than 20 years all around the globe that Patrick James Michel & Bernard Rouffignac joined their artistic forces to create B&P.

This is a meeting of 2 visions speaking the same language about the world of the automobile: the vision of a car photographer recognized by his peers combined with the vision of a fashion, advertising and art photographer.

This new vision makes it possible to include the automobile in urban landscapes or to discover new places associated with different photographic techniques (digital& analog photography and traditional processes of the 19th century) in order to represent aesthetically, and originally the car in an association with the modern woman and man.